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About the Capitol



1934 to 2014.

The Capitol Theatre was built in the early 1930s for Crescent Amusement Company of Nashville. It opened for business in 1934 and was the center of entertainment in Greeneville, TN, showing first-run movies and hosting events until the 1970‘s when the new managers renovated the building and reopened the theatre in 1974.

Main Street Greeneville purchased the building in the ’90s after hearing rumors that the theatre might be sold to the city and turned into a parking lot. It was deeded to the Little Theatre of Greeneville who performed a major renovation. It was reopened in 2002 as the home of LT Productions and hosted sold-out shows for several years.

Ownership changed hands a couple of times, each owner with unique plans for the theatre.


2014 to Present.

Local businessman Tracy Solomon purchased the property in March 2014 as an investment into his hometown community.

The Capitol Theatre is now a 501(c)3 non-profit organization and is becoming an active part of downtown culture again hosting $5 movies, live events, comedy events, supporting the local Theatre Guild, and hosting community events.

The facility is open for private rentals from church services, birthday parties, corporate events and meetings, and weddings.

Private donors have restored the inside of the theatre, updated the marquee and the facade, and upgraded the A/V systems.

With continuous support from the community and private donors, the Capitol is able to make annual continuous improvements.

Meet the Executive Director

David Horton Executive Director