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March 3, 2022 10:00:00 AM EST | Blog VOLUNTEER-ism

Volunteerism and ways to contribute to our community.



That dear and trusty tome, Websters, defines the word “volunteer” as – “a person who freely offers to take part in an enterprise or undertake a task”.  

I find that to be such a short and simple definition for a huge, praise-worthy, humbling act of humanity. To volunteer is to give something of yourself - to assist, to aid, to help someone or something else. It’s not just an offer; it's action. In a large way - it's selfless.

And, as anyone who has worked with or in a non-profit organization knows – volunteers are our life’s blood. Without volunteers, most non-profits would cease to function. This is certainly true for the CAPITOL. I am fond of saying – “The Capitol Theatre has always depended on the kindness of strangers.” (To paraphrase Tennessee Williams) From concessions to the box office, ushers to cleaning crew – the CAPITOL would not be able to function without our dedicated and wonderful volunteers.

I want to take a moment to praise Jennifer Wilder and the Partnership. The Youth Leadership Council has supplied numerous volunteers for the CAPITOL since I have been around. Jennifer coordinates the schedules of these upstanding young people, not only for the CAPITOL but many other events around town. It’s a way for young people to contribute to their community and also earn valuable service hours for college. If your child is not involved, please contact the Partnership.

Back to volunteerism – I think there is something special and meaningful about volunteering. Whether it is at the CAPITOL, directing cars at the fairground, helping with a church ministry, or assisting with a charity you care about. Volunteering enriches your life. It strengthens your love and respect for others. Lending your time and talents for an event or a project is a very special sacrifice, and it means so much to the organizations you are helping.

The CAPITOL regularly uses volunteers for our movies, concerts, and special events. Just recently a huge group of volunteers helped make the Cosmo Bus Music Fest a success. I want to extend a special thank you to everyone who helped – from putting up posters, to concessions, box office, hospitality, backstage, catering, and transportation. It means more to the CAPITOL and to me personally than we can ever express. It allowed us to bring an incredible night of music to Greeneville and our patrons.

So, if you haven’t volunteered for anything recently, I would urge you to get involved. Specifically, we would love to have to here at the CAPITOL It is very fun and rewarding. And it's easy – just click here or contact me dhorton@capitolgreeneville.org. But, if not the CAPITOL, then chose a non-profit and donate some time and talent. I mean, after all – this is the Volunteer State! Those of us raised in East Tennessee have heard the word “volunteer” all of our lives. If not “volunteer”, we certainly are familiar with the term “VOL”!


I wonder if those raised in New England think the same about the word “Patriot”?

Written By: David Horton - Executive Director