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Your one-stop-shop for Gift Certificates and Event Tickets.

Ticketing Info

All tickets can be purchased directly from this page or our Events Page.
You may also call the theatre at 423.638.1300 during business hours to purchase over the phone. 
If you need Handicapped Accessible seating, please contact the theatre to purchase those directly as they are not available online. 
Tickets are delivered electronically. Please bring a device that can access your electronic ticket or a physical copy of the ticket to the box office check-in the night of your event. 

All Event Tickets 

To view, all of our events tickets click on the button or navigate to our Events page. 

General Gift Certificates

Click the button to purchase general gift certificates valued at up to $25. 

Movie Gift Certificate 

Click the button to purchase movie gift certificates for any movie throughout the calendar year. 

Seating Chart: 

Seating Chart- Website

Seating Information:

Some events have built-in VIP rows in the Floor section of the seats, while others will have VIP sections set up on the dance floor section in front of the stage. All movies, unless sold out, are floor seating only.

Be sure to check the details of each event, and use a desktop device for the option of choosing your own seats when purchasing tickets.